The head of the CEC supported the implementation of the blockchain in the electoral process


The head of the CEC supported the implementation of the blockchain in the electoral process

The head of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova fully supports the proposal of the Chairman of Party Boris Titov growth on the introduction of blockchain technology in electoral processes.

Titov stressed that next week his party plans to hold a conference, during which will discuss use cases of blockchain platforms in electoral processes, reports TASS.

Ella Pamfilova personally addressed to the Chairman of the Party of growth to continue work on the assessment of the potential of the technology of the distributed registry. Titov said:

Together with the leadership of the Federal election Commission we are studying the possibilities of new technologies, which will not allow to falsify the election results.

During the mayoral elections on September 9, Batch growth conducted a successful test of the platforms to attract voters to the polling stations. Residents of the capital register on the website and then came up to the elections and after information confirmed their participation in the electoral process.

All information was received on a single blockchain platform, and to encourage the Muscovites, the party charged for check points and people were given prizes. The initiators according to the results of the project stated that the site has signed up 500,000 people mainly of young age who have previously not go to the polls.

Possible applications of the blockchain in the electoral process study and European parliamentarians. It is not excluded that in the near time the European elections will take place using the technology of the distributed registry to increase transparency.

However, recently a group of researchers tried to explain that the blockchain and elections are not compatible.

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