The history of the formation of the most successful cryptocurrency hedge Fund Asia


The history of the formation of the most successful cryptocurrency hedge Fund Asia

One March evening, the bar at the Four Seasons in San Francisco was filled to capacity, discussed here cryptocurrency, one of the most exciting topic in the world of Finance and technology. And although the event was announced just two days, from those who want to visit it did not rebound. These people were attracted by the opportunity to touch the legend to see representatives of the Beijing FBG Capital Fund, and at once achieved success.

They were mostly men-Asians in the age of 20-30 years, with iPhone in the hands of X and c, with lots of ideas about how digital currency can change the future and bring them profit. All the participants were aware of the fact that in just one year the capital of the Fund FBG increased from 20 million to 200 million dollars. Surprisingly, only 10 months ago, the group of traders created a company that was not even for her name, and today is among the leading investors in this major Asian Fund is listed Sequoia Capital from Silicon valley. And here they are in America, in search of investors.

FBG is also known for its quick entrance and exit from investments. “They are speculators,” – said the Creator of a competing cryptocurrency hedge Fund 8 Decimal UBA Capital, Rouen (Yubo Ruan) of Palo Alto. “Their method of work is the “pump and dump” pump and dump of course.”

Liu, a former investment banker working in FBG from June 2017, vigorously denies the accusation. The company does not disclose information about their commercial transactions with the ICO and does not want to disclose information about the specific investment. The only exception: Aeternity, a competitor to Ethereum, the second largest cryptopleura created by Anissava Malakhov (Yanislav Malahov), the self-proclaimed “godfather” of Ethereum, with the support of the so-called ofcan functions.

In 2018, the price of bitcoin fell more than 50%. Liu argues that the FBG trading consistently profitable from month to month, noting that the company’s investment in ICO in the current “bear market” has dropped by about 30%.

Like most major captainvalor, FBG was concerned about the questions of legislative regulation. Most of all, Zhou fears that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges may declare all tokens outside the law. To prevent the worst, FBG have already started searching for alternatives and are looking for investors for its new Fund Volatility Token Fund registered in the Cayman Islands. The Fund has already managed to raise $ 100 million with the Fund Commission “1.5 and 20”. In addition to Sequoia and Polychain, the new Fund FBG cooperates with the Beijing mining giant Bitmain.

“We want to be an institutional market participant, and not just the people earning the money,” said Liu in an interview that he gave from a restaurant in San Francisco. And who knows, maybe in a market where the winner is the one who opposes official institutions, namely the nonlinear FBG approach to capital management will be the most correct.

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