The idea of investing. When buying the token Request Network


C September 12, the value of the asset increased by 150%. Analysts Zogras said, what are the prospects of cryptocurrency

The project Request responsible for creating a Network peer-to-peer payment system that facilitates transactions and translations in a variety of fields. It’s not just about payments between users, but also about creating an easy and convenient system to make purchases, charging for services or other operations with finances.

Request Network based on the Ethereum blockchain. The main objectives of the platform — the organization of online payments, the automated creation of working space, access to financial tools like factoring.

September 12, the token formed at least on the level 0,00000445 BTC. After that the price went sharply up, started active purchases, the average trade volume increased by about ten times. From low price have soared by 150%. This is one of the few coins which turn back to last year’s figures.

Good entry points are in the range 0,00000725 — 0,00000755. In the last week of trade was of a speculative nature, which speaks about deferred interest buyers. This can cause a powerful movement upwards. It is therefore advisable to allocate a share of the Deposit for the asset and deliver a warrant in the area 0,00000800-0,00000810.

Daily volatility is in the range of 6-15%, which gives good potential for intraday trading. The schedule of the token and the active development of the project shows the great growth potential of at least 350%.

Key points:

BUY: 0,00000725 — 0,00000755

SELL: 0,00001100 — 0,00001160

STOP-LOSS: 0,00000710

Support: 0,00000726

Resistance: 0,00001160

ZOGRAS prepared specifically for RBC-Crypto.

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