The Iranian government legalised the mining of cryptocurrencies


Iran’s Supreme Council on cybersecurity announced the official recognition of the legal status of the mining of cryptocurrencies. Government agencies have equated the production of digital assets to other business activities.

The decision on the legalization of mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and cash, as well as other virtual currencies approved 6 key government agencies, including the Central Bank and the Ministry of economy. However, the draft law on the production of digital assets is still under development, it will be published by the end of September.

Iranian national center for cybersecurity developing a platform for regulating the mining of cryptocurrencies, and the government is considering the idea of issuing a national virtual currency to fight against economic sanctions of the United States. In the opinion of the Secretary of the Council on cybersecurity of Abolhassan Firouzabadi, the public digital asset can be a valuable financial tool and will help stabilize the economy.

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