The Japanese giant e-commerse Rakuten buys local crypto currency exchange


The Japanese giant e-commerse Rakuten buys local crypto currency exchange

Japanese company Rakuten, outside their own country better known as the owner of the popular messenger Viber, announced a preliminary agreement on the purchase of crypto currency exchange Everybody’s Bitcoin for $2.4 million

In a statement released today, said that we are talking about buying 100% stake crypto currency exchange, and that to complete the transaction is expected before October 1. The decision to purchase is due to “the growing role of cryptocurrency payments, e-commerce, retail Commerce and p2p transactions”.

The company also mentions that in their own research and development in the field of blockchain technology in 2016.

However, regular readers Hash#Telegraph, of course, easily remember that this is not the most interesting thing you can say about Rakuten and its interest in the cryptocurrency.

In July the representatives of the Rakuten announced its intention to release in 2019 token Coin Rakuten, and not just anywhere, but in Russia, where the messenger Viber is very popular.

Own messenger, the token and the crypto currency exchange — looks like this is becoming the bare minimum for major Japanese companies.

Today the launch of its cryptocurrency and said the company LINE, which owns the eponymous messenger and previously running a crypto currency exchange, but not in Japan, and in Singapore.

That’s just buying Everybody’s Bitcoin Rakuten gives some advantage. According to the published today data of the financial services Agency (FSA), Everybody’s Bitcoin — one of the three exchanges that have filed and subsequently withdrew the application for a license of crypto currency exchange as of January 2018, when the licensing process has stalled.

Now Everybody’s Bitcoin functions as a “quasioperational”, but her application for a full license of crypto currency exchange located in the top of the list for consideration.

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