The largest Bank of Poland launches the blockchain-a platform for document management


The largest Bank of Poland launches the blockchain-a platform for document management

According to a joint press release, published on 20 September, the British company Coinform and the largest Bank in Poland, PKO Bank Polski sa, in the coming days, partners will start the blockchain is the solution that will enable you to control the document flow of the credit institution and to strengthen the protection of data of its customers.

The Bank will use the system from Coinform called Trudatum. Vice— President of the governing Board of the PKO Adam Was said in connection with this initiative:

The blockchain has enormous potential as a means of improving the competitiveness of the Polish banking sector. This is a relatively new technology that constantly finds new application scenarios around the world.

First plans to launch of the platform was announced in March. The first batch of documents to be translated in the blockchain associated with the EU Directive about privacy (PSD2), which came into force this year.

This is an unprecedented step for the Polish banking sector that is just beginning to implement blockchain technology, while local official bodies hold a hostile position against cryptocurrency companies.

The founder and head of Coinfirm Paul Kuskovsky says:

The project demonstrates that the Polish financial sector is open to innovation and supports international trends.

In may, the PKO began to attract startups to its initiative called “let pentaho to work with PKO Bank Polski”. The project website States that the Bank managers are looking for “FINTECH— companies that are ready to launch a pilot version of their solutions and scale their businesses” in partnership with a credit institution.

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