The launch of Constantinople delayed until early 2019


After an unsuccessful test of Constantinople, the second part of the update hard forks of the Ethereum network, the development team has decided to postpone its launch until early next year. Now the update can go with a new algorithm ProgPow.

During a videoconference the team the next phase of hard forks of Ethereum, came to the conclusion that its launch, previously scheduled to begin next month, should be postponed, given that the 13th of October, during the test run Constantinople in testate Ethereum, the Ropsten Harford showed several errors.

After the launch of Constantinople held, hardwork will contribute to the network of five irreversible changes, after which the earlier version will not be compatible with it. It is as small features, such as code optimization, and more serious, like reducing the reward for creating new blocks.

The start-up delay Constantinople developers can also use for inclusion in hardwork consensus algorithm ProgPow, which should improve the sustainability of the network hardware for the industrial mining and reduce the level of centralization. Previously, the team was going to include ProgPoW to the network through another hairfork, after the launch of Constantinople, which was only to soften the transition to the latest algorithm from the classic PoW. The head of the security Department of the Ethereum Foundation, Martin Holst Schwende, said:

“If Constantinople was not launched until January or February next year, then I’ll probably try to include ProgPoW for him immediately”

Recall that hardwork Constantinople is part of the update of the Ethereum network, which is seen by developers as an important step towards improving the overall usability of the platform. The first phase of the Metropolis — Byzantium (Byzantium) was successfully launched in September last year.

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