The lead Tether under threat. The company has destroyed a further 500 million token


In October, the total market capitalization blockchain project fell by 29% to $2 billion. At the same time actively developing others stabilini

Company Tether, the Issuer tablconv USDT, destroyed 500 million tokens, according to the blockchain Explorer Blockchain-cryptocurrency project transferred from storage to another address, after which it is the owner revoked.

“Over the past week Tether repaid a large number of tokens USDT, the company destroyed 500 million coins that are in storage, leaving the other part (about 466 million) as the preparatory measures for the release of USDT in the future,” wrote representatives of the company.

They noted that the concept of issue and withdrawal of tokens described in the white paper of the project. In Tether reminded that all USDT holders can redeem their tokens with real dollars, since they are fully backed by that currency. This assertion has been repeatedly questioned, and the company can’t provide real proof of his words.

In October, the total capitalization of the project decreased by 29% to $2 billion. At the same time actively developing others stabilini tied to the U.S. dollar. Four token companies TrueToken, Gemini, Centra and Paxos added a few of the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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