The legendary Silk Road crypto “woke up” and began a withdrawal


The legendary Silk Road crypto “woke up” and began a withdrawal

It became known that the owner of the wallet Silk Road in the last days was engaged in the transfer of funds. He used the mechanism podkachala, dividing the sum into groups of 100 coins.

On darkmarket Silk Road mostly sold drugs, but also there was human trafficking, weapons, credit cards, passports and other documents. The site worked on the basis of the TOR anonymous and secure way.

The main means of payment on Silk Road was bitcoin, which a reputation as a cryptocurrency for a long time suffered. In the end, the FBI and Europol shut down the black market in 2014.

A Reddit user with the nickname sick_silk wrote in the popular subreddit r/bitcoin:

It seems that the owner of the giant #SilkRoad wallet for three days, actively moves the tools by dividing them into servings for 100 coins in podkoszulka. Initially the purse was 111 114,62 BTC/BCH, which is now estimated to be approximately $844 million (without taking into account other forks of bitcoin).

First it was reported that the activity of the purse was preceded by a period of inactivity, which lasted four years and five months; the last time he was active in March 2014. However, it later received an update: in 2017 was carried out 13 transactions and another five in 2018, although the amount of bitcoins sent and received is very small.

Before the funds derived major parts: first, 60 000, and then 30 000, 20 000, 10 000, 5000, 500 coins.

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