The Ministry of energy of the Moscow region has launched a pilot blockchain system of payments for electricity


The Ministry of energy of the Moscow region plans to scale the blockchain-the decision to pay for electricity, in case of successful testing of the pilot project.

In Moscow launched a pilot project for testing blockchain solutions to pay for electricity. In an interview to “Interfax” the representative of the Ministry of energy explained that in case of successful testing the project will be scaled:

“The project for the development of this technology is implemented on the basis of one of the enterprises of the Moscow area”

Relevant departments are considering the introduction of multi-stage tariff, which increases the cost of electricity with consumption in excess of the “social norms” that were proposed to be set at around 300 KWh per month.

In Russia, the tariffs for electricity are regulated by local authorities and differ greatly, which undoubtedly affects the attractiveness of regions from the point of view of mining, but also seriously complicates the system of calculations with the population.

The use of blockchain technology to pay for electricity tested around the world: for example, in may in the UK were committed by the first transaction for the sale of electricity on the blockchain. A similar experiment was conducted by the Power company Ledger with the second-largest electric power company Japan Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO), which became partners in the first trial transaction for the sale of renewable energy in Japan, as earlier, the national energy Commission of Chile has announced that the country will use the blockchain to follow the statistics of the energy sector.

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