The most expensive sold for 600 cryptomatic ETH


The most expensive sold for 600 cryptomatic ETH

$172 thousand for cryptonatica “Dragon” just got posted popular applications CryptoKitty under the name Rabono.

The dragon belongs to the ninth generation cryptonomicon. It 896775-th smart app contract CryptoKitty. To say about it something more unlikely: Dragon be as unappealing as his description on the project website.

“Hi. I Am The Dragon. I won Rebecca black ( American singer born in 1997 — Ed.) when I was younger, but those days are long gone. Believe it or not, but spying on neighbors is so much fun. You need sometime to try it. Let’s zakonektitsya in ICQ”.

Why spend so much money on the smart contract, which is unlikely to resell? Maybe it is such a sophisticated form of money laundering, or the buyer of the Dragon just sick? Is there at least one reasonable explanation for this purchase?

We have no answer. No one has it. In addition Rabono, of course. Canadian startups Axiom Zen has not commented on the most expensive during the existence cryptococcal transaction: they do not know.

In order to understand how far things had gone, recall that the previous record in CryptoKitties belongs to generation zero named Cat#18. In December 2018, when the market was at its peak, it sold for 253 ETH ($110 thousand at the time of sale). In addition, do not forget that the average price of seals is in the range of $9-60 per share.

About the prospects for resale of the Dragon, you can say only one thing: the Outlook is not visible. Over the past few months the number of active users CryptoKitties decreased by 56%.

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