The most humane court in the world! Hacker paid his bail with bitcoin


Court in San Francisco allowed the defendant to post bail for his release in the digital currency.

25-year-old hacker Martin Marcich was arrested on charges of hacking into the system of the games producer Electronic Arts. After reviewing the arguments of the parties the prosecution and the defence, the Federal judge allowed the release of a hacker on the security. The marcich need to make $ 750,000 in BTC or any other digital currency before the end of the proceedings.

It is interesting that such court decisions do not have to make any changes to existing legislation. The fact that the Deposit may be paid in any form. For example, it can be real or digital currency.

“It really is a unique precedent in the jurisprudence of the United States. However, the judge may accept as pledge almost any assets,” said assistant district attorney Abraham Simmons.

Another unusual case involving the cryptocurrency was on the front pages of Newspapers recently.

At the end of may in the UK passed the trial of the criminal gang of Pakistani rapists. Activist Tommy Robinson led live telephone near the courthouse. In the end, he was arrested, he took the phone and was given 13 months in prison for “disturbing public order”.

It is known that Robinson was the head of Britain’s public right movement the English defence League. Its representatives are against Islamization and the spread of Sharia norms in the United Kingdom.

Recently the human rights activist was released on bail. The necessary amount helped raise the owners of the digital currency, transferred £ 20,000, including payment in the amount of 5 £ 500 in BTC to his bitcoin wallet.

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