The NASDAQ stock exchange plans to start trading cryptocurrencies


According to an anonymous source, the American NASDAQ stock exchange plans to start trading cryptocurrencies in the next year. If these data are correct, and NASDAQ will add digital assets on its platform, it increases the chance of a positive decision of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) to open Bitcoin ETF.

Suggestions of companies to open a cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds was rejected mainly due to the fact that Bitcoin are not represented on any of the U.S. Federal exchange. NASDAQ is one of the major U.S. stock exchanges, its activity is completely controlled by the SEC and meets all the requirements of the legislation. If it is to trade BTC, the leading cryptocurrency will add weight in the eyes of state authorities.

A source from the company also said that the decision about the beginning of NASDAQ trading cryptocurrency will depend on the position of the SEC in relation to digital assets. To improve the image of the virtual currency in July of this year, the NASDAQ held a meeting behind closed doors with representatives of cryptocurrency companies, including exchange Gemini. NASDAQ staff believe that companies in the blockchain industry need to work together on the development of the digital economy in the United States and in the global market.

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