The national Bank of Ukraine keeps the idea of “e-rate”


The national Bank of Ukraine keeps the idea of “e-rate”

Ukrainian national Bank stated that it continues to work on the creation of the state of digital currency and does not intend to abandon this idea. In parallel, the regulator is working on the launch of the blockchain network, which will be used for operations with digital currency. This was reported by “News” with reference to the representatives of the Central Bank of Ukraine.

According to the regulator, the launch of government digital currency “e-torque” will significantly speed up operations on payment of goods and services. In addition, it would hinder the use of paper money, the circulation of which the national Bank is much more expensive.

Now analysts of the Central Bank are studying the mechanism of using the “e-rate” on the Ukrainian market. For example, it is already known that electronic hryvnia can be exchanged for Fiat. All transactions using virtual currency and traditional hryvnia will be made at the rate of one to one.

Outside experts support the desire of the national Bank to implement the latest technological solutions in the sphere of economy, but I doubt that “e-torque” will be in demand. On the one hand, all transactions in the blockchain is protected, and information about transactions cannot be forged. However, on the other hand, Ukraine’s economy is not so strongly developed, so that entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens were in need of electronic money.

Therefore, most likely, it is unlikely in the short term, the CBA will launch the “e-torque”. The authorities of Ukraine in favor of regulation of the crypto operations, as repeatedly said earlier, the financial stability Board. This is necessary since the country already are starting to use electronic money to pay for goods and services.

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