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EOS is considered to be a promising project and a competitor to Ethereum platform, 2 June, was held the launch of the network, but, as suggested by some experts, much went wrong. The official network launch delayed at least a day.

On June 6 voted, to launch the network was not given the “green light” for vulnerabilities. Within 24-hours security service will conduct the audit. If defects experts do not discover will be another vote, after which it will start. David moss, head of the consulting company I am sure that can be eliminated in a single approach all the “schools” will not succeed.

The current status of the project

June 1, token EOS were frozen in anticipation of the launch of the core network. On the starting group EOS Mainnet was given the responsibility to ensure safe startup. However, a few days before the launch, there was news that a Chinese company on cyber security has discovered a critical vulnerability in the code. Guide EOS has officially stated that they were all fixed. However, it turned out that errors in the network a lot more.

Team EOS has launched a campaign Bug Bounty: for each identified critical system error pay $10 000. We already know that just 1 day hacker Guido Vranken revealed 12 vulnerabilities, earning $120 000. Apparently, not all of them are fixed, and a threat to integrity and security is still there. The exact date of the launch of the network the creators did not call because it “would be irresponsible”, and therefore, it is possible to detect another of the bugs. New update plan set for the next day.

Recall that the ICO project lasted over a year and according to the latest data raised approximately $4 billion. On the news of the postponement of the network launch, the course of bitcoin EOS also began to fall.

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04.06.2018: Market EOS controlled? 50% of the tokens stored in 10 addresses

The example of bitcoin we see that whales can manipulate the market at the right time, buying or selling assets. A similar fate awaits the fledgling network EOS. In the course of the research network EOS revealed that almost 50% of the total amount of tokens is stored at 10 locations.

Remaining 49.67% of the existing volume of tokens distributed across 10 locations: 10% owned by the company-the developer, the rest 39,67% belong to other holders, is a 400 million token EOS, this means that together, they are quite unable to take control of the market. It has been suggested that the largest holders of tokens, are not individual persons, and large exchange Bithumb, Huobi, OKEx, Upbit and Bitfinex.

The experts

The problem is not so much the amount of received cryptocurrency – experts say, and that other owners EOS almost nothing to decide in the ecosystem. Given that the EOS system is built on the algorithm of delegated Proof-of-State, questions put to the vote.

In the list of EOS almost 163 thousand accounts. Logically, all token holders should have equal rights when voting for the development or modification of the ecosystem. In practice leaves differently: weighty is the opinion of only the TOP-100 or TOP-1000 owners of tokens, and others on the development of events can not influence. Soon will start the election of the manufacturers blocks (similar to miners) who will have additional powers and bonuses. It is likely that they will become the owners of the greatest number of tokens, including the crypto currency exchange who will be able to turn the tide in their favor.

In any case, it will be impossible to say that the platform really is decentralized and not subject to external influences.


25.05.2018: 6 reasons why you should invest in EOS

This cryptocurrency appeared not so long ago, but many believe that it could become a worthy competitor to Ethereum. After the announcement that the June 2018 year, the software platform EOS, asset prices have soared, and the digital currency rose to 5th place by market capitalization, replacing Litecoin.

Interesting, but the capitalization of the EOS project without a functioning network, has already exceeded $10 billion. This is a project of Dan Larimer and team – they decided to create a blockchain-based platform with smart contracts, but to improve scalability, transaction rate and lower Commission.

6 reasons why you should invest in EOS:

  • Scalability. The developers just put this in priority. High throughput is ensured by the use of additional blockchains and special algorithms. The development team stated that after starting the system can handle 1000-6000 transactions per second. Yet after testing the result was 600 transactions.
  • The solution to the problems of Ethereum. Ethereum wants to be a decentralized global computer, but so far on this platform just massively release a new token. Decentralized applications difficult to establish because of the unresolved scalability issues. Acne Buterin plans to improve their offspring by using sharding and other algorithms, but it’s a matter of time. In addition, token-ICO ends – the developers managed to collect about $2 billion in ETH. Experts say that now EOS can even put the price in the competitive crypto-currency, selling it in large chunks.
  • EOS well sponsored. Resource development network is due to the remuneration of the blocks in the year deducted 5%. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of tokens, the company invested in funds – they are designed to improve ecosystems and attracting investors.
  • Dan Larimer – experienced developer. Previously, Larimer was involved in projects Bitshares and Steem, they have been very successful. All three projects use the algorithm DPoS and modular platform Graphene. Many wonder whether not leaving Dan, his next project after the promotion, but while Latimer is optimistic, and says that EOS has a great future.
  • Digital capitalists. The EOS token will be required to use network resources. Ultimately appears the lack of resources and creators of new projects will have to buy tokens in the secondary market either to rent from the owners. It is planned to develop the leasing program token EOS.
  • The additional income. Airdrop is not the goal of the EOS project, with some projects already handed out free tokens to the holders of the cryptocurrency. If EOS will be popular, investors will be able to obtain passive income.
  • It is too early to talk about the future of the project, but with the right development platform EOS could compete with Ethereum.


    15.05.2018: Competitors Ethereum strengthen the position: the rating of promising altcoins

    The Ethereum platform is considered a pioneer in the field of smart contracts. Due to security issues and vulnerabilities discovered for this technology have been taken for granted. However, there are other projects that improved smart contacts, and are considered very promising for the cryptocurrency market.

    The most promising altcoins

    • Zilliqa (ZIL). This project not only proposes to use platform with smart contracts, but also solves the problem of network scalability. The creators of Ethereum this purpose introduce the technology of sharding. Since the advent of cryptocurrency ZIL is well regarded in the markets. Just a month ago for the token gave $0,038, now it is estimated at $0,163. The digital asset is on the 25th place in terms of market capitalization.
    • EOS (EOS). This cryptocurrency is also considered to be a promising competitor to Ethereum, not only in terms of smart contracts and market capitalization. Digital currency is in 5th place, pushing nearest rival Litecoin. Investors intensified amid on the output of the software for blockchain-based platform, which is scheduled for early June.
    • Neo (NEO). Another project ready to compete with the air from the point of view of smart contracts. The advantage is that for the creation of applications for the platform developers do not need to learn a new programming language, you can use JavaScript, PHP and other programming languages. Located on the 11th place by market capitalization.
    • IOS token (IOST). Little known and underappreciated token. Also offers a platform for smart contracts to develop applications. However, it also gives developers the opportunity to work not only on PCs but also on your smartphone. The project IOST defines itself as an Internet service offering a secure and scalable infrastructure for providers of online services with large bandwidth. Located on the 47th place in the ranking of the market capitalization.

    Ether, of course, is considered the founder of this technology, but other altcoins literally breathe him in the back and continue to increase the volume. View, for whom the future!


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