The next hearing in the case of Alexander winnick will be held on 6 November 2018


The next hearing in the case of Alexander winnick will be held on 6 November 2018

If all this goes on, winnik has all the chances to celebrate the New year in Greece. Judge: the final decision on extradition of Alexander is still not accepted, and even scheduled to meet with French investigators rescheduled for 6 November.

Timofey Musatov, counsel winnick, announced that on 1 October in Thessaloniki, the French investigators began questioning Alexander. Musatov is confident that his client was just trying to get a confession.

“It is no coincidence that the questioning is scheduled to the extradition of Alexander and aims to provide not only a psychological pressure on the defendant, but under any pretext to obtain evidence of his guilt, which do not exist in the case, he said. — Based on pre-provided French investigators questions, the defence concluded that the case lacks any evidence of the guilt of Alexander, and the information upon which investigators, falsified.”

Indeed, the meeting with French investigators over, even before it begins: lawyers were asked to present evidence of guilt winnick, the French are unable to do so.

“An hour ago ended the interrogation procedures of the French investigators, Alexander winnick, told the evening of October 1 Musatov. — Its end is due to the fact that the lawyers demanded to see evidence in the criminal case and the prosecution of Alexander winnick, is not in the materials request in Greece”.

What’s next? Musatov said that the French were not satisfied and moved the questioning winnik on November 6, 2018.

Recall that in September the Supreme court of Greece in civil and criminal cases issued a decision approving the extradition of Alexander winnick in Russia. Extradition winnik also making the United States and France, accusing winnik in money laundering after breaking the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox, as well as to create a platform for money laundering, through which he misappropriated $4 billion.

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