The number of captainvalor in Australia since the beginning of year has increased almost 3 times


According to a survey conducted by the firm HiveEx, in August, the proportion of Australians owning the cryptocurrencies, amounted to 13.5%. A similar survey of 2,000 respondents in January showed that the percentage of captainvalor was 5%. Almost a three-fold increase in the number of owners of scriptaction occurred against the backdrop of market decline from the peak at the end of December 2017.

According to the survey, 50% of the owners of cryptocurrencies see them as investment, 26% said they used as retirement savings, while 34% admitted that they had bought digital assets due to the FOMO syndrome, loss of profits.

80% of respondents said they would use scriptactive for daily purchases if it was as easy as with the Australian dollar.

The majority of Australians retains a cautious attitude to digital currency. 65% of those who do not speak cryptocurrency, I believe that they are difficult to understand and use. More than one-fifth called cryptocurrency fraud and the same number of respondents — bubble.

Earlier, the Reserve Bank of Australia said that he sees no prospects of wide distribution in the country of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as they lose competition to the national currency. However, the government of Queensland, for example, decided to use cryptocurrencies to attract tourists. And the payment provider Gobbill in cooperation with the crypto currency exchange Cointree working on a solution for automated bill payment cryptocurrencies.

Recall that according to the survey conducted by the firm Ipsos to order of ING Bank, 15% of Australians expect to become owners of cryptocurrency in the near future. For comparison, in Europe the figure was 25%, and in the US 21%.

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