The number of transactions in the network of bitcoin fell to a low of 2.5 years


The number of transactions in the core network of the bitcoin in the quarter fell to lows of 2.5 years. This was announced by the founder of the consulting firm Post Oak Labs with reference to the analytical report for institutional investors Diar, which will be published next Monday.

Bitcoin transactions are now at a 2.5 year low… and it is not because of “batching” which many promoters like to blindly cite.

from the upcoming @DiarNewsletter special edition:

— Tim Swanson (@ofnumbers) 14 Aug 2018

The chart shows that the number of transactions in the second quarter of 2018, even not up to the performance of the first quarter of 2016.

While such dynamics cannot be explained by the introduction of technology enterprises transaction batching, because the vast majority of transfers in the bitcoin network are carried out without its use.

Recall that nearly 5% of the blocks in the bitcoin network are mined with the use of technology ASICBoost.

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