The number of users Dapps in July decreased from the beginning of the year 56%


The number of users Dapps in July decreased from the beginning of the year 56%

Decentralized apps do not live up to their promises. After a peak in the winter of 2018, the interest in them declined on average by half. Cryptomnesia argue that the emergence of this killer APPA on the blockchain — a matter of time, but given the observed fall of the contenders for the title look quite pale.

A vivid example – “cryptococci”, in December peregruzka the Ethereum network. According to diar, the number of active users CryptoKitties a day since the beginning of the year decreased from 14.1 thousand to 510 addresses. The decrease in the amount of 96% hardly pleases the investors a16z and DCG who invested in this application a total of $12 million.

Feeling a little better decentralized exchange, for example, the number of users Bancor fallen from a peak of 1747 active users to 457 (a reduction of 74%). Note, however, that investments in the case of Bancor differed on the order of investors headed Blockchain Capital invested in the project $153 million.

The average is slightly above the given examples due to financial pyramids — where the same without them — and periodic bursts of interest in gambling. However, the decline in the twice — a drop twice.

“Of course, this is just the beginning, says diar. But decentralized applications suffer from unintuitive, slow and complicated UX, which, to put it mildly, casts doubt on the prospect of attracting new users.”

Note that N#Telegraph had earlier published materials of the sponsors in sufficient detail considering the state of Affairs in the field of decentralized applications. Recall the “Decentralized applications: 5 insights” Chris McKenna. This aspect was also mentioned in the article “Five keys to cryptomodule” Daniel Jeffries.

In both cases, the authors emphasize the necessity of creating a truly intuitive applications of interest to the average user and makes his acquaintance with bloccano as comfortable as possible.

It is desirable that “decentralized applications-the killers” had an undeniable competitive advantage compared to conventional applications that do not use technology a distributed registry.


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