The number of virus attacks miners on the iPhone has increased nearly 4 times


The September ranking of global threats Global Threat Index from specializing in cyber-security company Check Point has shown almost a fourfold increase in virus-miners for the iPhone.

Specializing in cyber-security company Check Point Software Technologies Ltd published in the September report data, almost 400% increase in attacks on the iPhone with the hidden purpose of mining. Manager Maya Horowitz said:

“Viruses-the miners remain a major threat to organizations worldwide. But what is particularly interesting is a fourfold increase in the number of attacks on the iPhone or devices that use the Safari browser, in the last 2 weeks of September”

Horowitz also noted that “attacks on Apple devices do not rely on the new features”: most hackers use a script Сoinhive, which continues to occupy a leading place in the list of threats, from September 2017, the year, striking for 19% of organizations around the world.

Earlier, analysts reported that the script Coinhive that turns the computers of site visitors in the mining installation, giving the hackers access to the computing power of millions of machines, earns mining Monero from 3.7 to 5 million dollars annually, and annual revenue of sites that support Coinhive reaches 15 million dollars. Using the computing power of users for mining can generate up to 22 million dollars annually.

A company representative noted that Check Point continues to “investigate possible reasons for the” sharp rise of attacks on Apple devices, noting:

“Such attacks serve as a reminder that mobile devices are often lost element in the development of measures of cybersecurity organizations”

In the September rating Global Threat Index leading virus-miner Coinhive, the Dorkbot worm and virus-miner Cryptoloot. In the ranking for mobile devices are leading threats for Android devices: Trojan Lokibot, a way of hacking Lotoor and Triada.

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