The Onion has released a humorous guide to the blockchain


Chicago the satirical magazine The Onion has created a humorous guide on blockchain technologies.

Despite the widespread use of public and private blockchains, in the last few years the term “blockchain” is often misused or interpreted incorrectly, and sometimes may even lose all meaning. This is what prompted well-known worldwide Chicago the satirical magazine The Onion to create a humorous guide on blockchain technology, Guide to the Blockchain, which, by the way, was very successful.

Today transfer on the blockchain offers everything from celebrities to Board games. Shares of any company take off, when its title appears the word “blockchain”. For example, on the same day, when the British investment company On-line Plc changed its name to On-line Plc Blockchain, the value of its shares increased by 364%. But if the activity On-line Plc, at least, has always been associated with technology, the 200% rise of the stock Ice Island Ice Tea, a company that in fact is engaged in the manufacture of cooling drinks that occurred after the change in its name to Long Blockchain, already defies common sense.

— How does the blockchain?


— Do you want to talk about scientific shit or tell you how to raise some money?

The Onion refers to the madness when a company whose investors did not understand until the end what kind of product this company produces, have made billions of dollars. According to some estimates, in the fourth quarter of 2018, the year investment interest in ICO projects have dropped significantly, but still not to the level of the previous first half.

The unregulated market has opened up the possibility for investing in digital assets is a very wide range of people, which has never happened in history, so the main tactic marketing teams of ICO lies in the fact to make them believe that cryptocurrency can solve the problems of the world, and many have believed and invested, not understanding really what the blockchain.

— The system is protected from hackers?


Nothing bad hasn’t happened yet, so we just say “Yes”

Indeed, though technology and is one of the greatest shocks in the history of cyber security’s fair to note that further testing of the network in terms of protection from cyber attacks is still necessary.

The Onion, of course, not left without attention, neither the issue of the exploitation of the banking system for the poor, nor the problem of distribution through the blockchain child pornography:

— Is it really child pornography is encoded into the bitcoin blockchain?

— Well isn’t that just a little bit!

Guide to the Blockchain also makes the reader wonder about the effectiveness of investing in cryptocurrencies:

— What is the real benefit of the blockchain?


— It provides a more efficient way to lose all your money at once.

On the subject of blockchain and cryptocurrency a joke: for example, in September, Walmart started selling chocolate bitcoin candy. However, despite the fact that in developing the law of turbulence cryptocurrency industry from time to time can be fun too, blockchain technology is already used by leading transport companies, banks and government organizations.

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