The Open Network project Telegram from Durov brothers disappeared from radar


There were rumors that the founder of Telegram prefers to keep a low profile in public. Perhaps because of the problems associated with the implementation of its own cryptoprocta.

“Many have noticed that Paul had completely disappeared from the radar. Latest Instagram post Durov was published on April 22, Vkontakte — may 8, they are both on the situation with blocking of Telegram in Russia, and since then in social networks there was no activity. Before Paul regularly did publish, what is the reason for his current silence?”, the author writes the channel’s “news Telegram”.

He also notes that it seems that Durov is lagging due to difficulties with their own projects. In particular, the critic noted that the Telegram a long time, violates the terms of the plan stage of implementation of the platform TON.

“Other major updates in the messenger either, because all forces are thrown on cryptopleura, therefore, to boast in social networks he has nothing”, — says the author of “news Telegram”.

He believes that it is unlikely that work on the code Telegram messenger is really a great event.

“Since the beginning of the blocking of the messenger in Russia it has been 5 months almost six months. In a Telegram during this time came the only significant update is the extension of the functionality of the proxy. In recent years, the performance of the team was much higher. Of course, you can argue that this past summer was also completely rewritten the mobile version for iOS (conventional c language Objective C for the Apple-designed especially for iOS devices language Swift). But is it an important event this is for ordinary users?”, — notes critic.

In the middle of summer was announced by Telegram Passport — protected document repository that allows easily and quickly to log in on the financial services. But, as follows from a road map TON, he had to see the light much earlier — in the first quarter of this year.

And now it should end with a period security testing TON, but even a beta version of the platform is not yet launched.

We will remind, in may of this year it became known that the first Telegram testing service for blockchain platform TON. It was about the Telegram Passport service, which will allow you to identify users messenger.

It was stated that it will require to load in Telegram all personal data only once. Access to them will have services-partners of the messenger, and users will be able to use their services inside Telegram, and the primary sites services. that Telegram Passport is expected to be launched in early June.

About the launch of blockchain-TON platform and the creation of Pavel Durov own cryptocurrency became known at the end of 2017. The platform was supposed to be “bloccano third generation” after bitcoin and Ethereum capabilities to a new level.

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