The opening of the new FIATA-crypto-currency exchange in Singapore


In the South-East Asia will operate the first fiato-cryptocurrency exchange. There is a version that this will make the cryptocurrency more accessible and will help facilitate entry to the stock market to retail consumers and commercial companies.

Exchange “EurekaPro” will be opened in Singapore. Its public beta in the first week of launch has already managed to attract 800 participants. For customers of the exchange available for the purchase of cryptocurrency for Fiat currency of the countries of Asia (Singapore dollar, Indonesian rupiah and others).

Guide EurekaPro in the face Junus EU (Junus Eu) talks about the launch of a new project:

“Our platform represents a unique proposition for a blockchain-space South-East Asia, for the reason that it eliminates or reduces the barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency market, which previously could interfere with users to take blockchain technology”.

Thailand is focusing on the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry. Not so long ago the country decided to classify the cryptocurrency as not only currency, but also as securities.

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