The people’s Bank of China expanding its team of blockchain experts


The people’s Bank of China expanding its team of blockchain experts

People’s Bank of China, performs the functions of the financial regulator continues to open jobs for specialists in the blockchain and cryptography.

On Tuesday, October 9, the Central Bank has placed an ad looking for four engineers with experience in the development of blockchain projects, cloud architecture, cryptography and security, according to CoinDesk. In the job spelled out the basic duties of these professionals. They should be responsible for software development, required to run a digital currency tied to Fiat.

In addition, the responsibilities of engineers involves building a cryptographic models and ensuring availability of servers for transactions with electronic money.

We will remind, earlier experts of the people’s Bank of China released a report in which he listed the arguments in favor of running a digital currency pegged to the yuan.

In addition to engineers, the people’s Bank is looking for professionals in the field of digital Economics and Finance. Such employees will work in the blockchain laboratory. Their responsibilities will include the development of strategy and tactics in economic policy, and risk analysis of the application of e-currencies and blockchain technologies.

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