The port of Valencia “wiser” through the blockchain


The port of Valencia “wiser” through the blockchain

The leadership of the Spanish port of Valencia plans to use blockchain technology to create a platform for managing the processes of shipping and receiving products.

As noted by Jose Garcia de La Guia, who heads the Department of new technologies of the port of Valencia, a blockchain-based platform will be used to manage logistics processes that will reduce the paperwork and costs of intermediaries. The ultimate goal will be the creation of the city’s so-called “smart port,” according to BTCManager.

Gia expressed confidence that soon, many international ports will use the technology of distributed registry to create intelligent systems for the management of Maritime logistics. He said:

We propose to use the blockchain to ensure the transparency of the supply chain from beginning to end. This means that we will use cloud technology not only with our partners but also with all other counterparties.

The port of Valencia is one of the busiest on the Mediterranean coast, and therefore in particular need of such a system.

Earlier, the management of the port of Rotterdam also announced its intention to use blockchain technology to develop the system of supply chain management. According to analysts of Bank of America, the increased demand for intelligent platform to automate business processes will allow the market blockchain-technologies to grow to $7 billion in the near future.

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