“The price of bitcoin will reach more than 143 000 US$”: the Research firm Satis Group


Earlier this year, research firm Satis Group indicated that up to 81 percent of all ICO can be fraudulent, and now the company has released a forecast on how they see the future of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

As reported in a new research report, the Group predicts that bitcoin and Monero will have the most robust growth rates over the next five years. Experts predict that eventually the rate of BTC will reach 96 to 378 USD and Monero will grow to 18 498 dollars for the same period of time. Thus in 10 years, according to the Group, the price of bitcoin will amount to more than 143 000 USD for one BTC.

Interestingly, the firm predicts XRP Ripple reduction rate at 97 per cent and further at a cost of only $ 0.01, while Cardano ADA will face similar reduction, which will lead to the rate of 0.001 of a U.S. dollar.

It is assumed that other favorites such as Litecoin , reached $ 134 over five years, and then $ 225 in ten years.

The report says that Bitcoin will continue to be the leader of digital currencies stating that “Despite the lack of attractiveness during the retail frenzy, we continue to believe that BTC and its network effects will dominate the market, this is due to: 1) increase opportunities for liquidity and purchases, 2) increase brand awareness, 3) its position as a base pair by default on the cryptocurrency markets, 4) a decrease in relative volatility, 5) relative absence of threat vectors, 6) further bandwidth”.

Author: Andrey Lyamzin analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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