The project Unibright has signed an agreement with Lufthansa, Microsoft and NEM


The project Unibright has signed an agreement with Lufthansa, Microsoft and NEM

Unibright German startup working on a universal framework for the development of DLT solutions, which can be used in absolutely different spheres of business. In addition, the developers of the service claim that to create smart contracts on the basis of Unibright can even kettles. And now, three months after the completion of krautsalat, the company enters into an agreement with three pillars Lufthansa, Microsoft and NEM.

The development of smart contracts is expensive. Plus it takes a lot of time. What if the blockchain service is needed, and money and time to spare? Need Unibright! It offers users a ready-made service that can be tailored to a variety of issues.

The project is a 600-place list Сoinmarketcap with the figure of $2.9 million Tokens UBT now traded on the Hotbit, IDEX, Qryptos and Bilaxy $0,02 apiece. But analysts are predicting Unibright great success. In the future. The agreement with Lufthansa, Microsoft and NEM — the first bell.

“Currently, most companies show interest in blockchain technology, but don’t even think to use it, says Martin Jung, CEO Unibright. — That’s why we created Unibright. This easy to use solution that allows to integrate the technology of a distributed registry in any business system.”

Jung lists issues that impede the spread of the blockchain: it is expensive, difficult, and if the smart contract will write an error (and this happens often), you will have problems. That’s why 99% of all IT systems without the blockchain and smart contracts. But Unibright, creating turnkey solutions, should change the situation.


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