The recovery in the cryptocurrency market analysis courses TOP 5 assets 24.09 – 28.09


Experts predict new highs and the upward trend. For the last day of the course the TOP-5 of cryptocurrency increased by 3-8%. Market capitalization currently stands at $224 billion.

Rate analysis the TOP-5 of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin. He finally overcame the resistance at$6,500 and began to grow. Experts believe that one reason for the increase in demand for crypto-currencies became a successful IPO Bitmain – leader in production of equipment for mining. Support BTC reached $6649. The line resistance is located in the region of$6769. If bitcoin will be able to break through, he will be free to grow to $7400 (200-day SMA). A market capitalization of $116.7 billion today the rate has increased by 4.3 percent.

Ethereum. Thursday Tom Lee, an analyst and co-founder of Fundstrat Global has made a forecast about Ethereum. He believes that cryptocurrency will rise and by 2019 will reach a high of $1900. Lee believes that the fall in the price of ETH not the last role was played by the launch of the EOS project and selling tokens ETH $4 billion Now Ethereum is growing along with other digital currencies. During the day, its price went up by 7%. A market capitalization of $23 billion.

Ripple. Growing and the rate of Ripple. During the week the price has risen by 15%, today – 3%. At the time of writing one token to give $0,5339, indicators point to an upward trend. The immediate support is at $0,51. Critical is $0,432 – it will mean a market reversal and a resumption of the bearish trend. The market capitalization is $21 billion.

Bitcoin Cash. The price of bitcoin has risen on the news of IPO Bitmain. According to some reports most of the assets of the company is stored in the BCH. For a week the Cash course Bitcoin increased by 14%, today – by 3.5%. At the time of writing the token give $542,3. A market capitalization of $9 billion.

EOS. About EOS significant news came out, so the growth can be attributed to a rising trend in the cryptocurrency market. Today the price of a token increased by 8.3%. Total capitalization is $5 billion.

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01.08.2018: 5 reasons why bitcoin is leading the market

Despite the course correction, the dominance of bitcoin in the market remains unchanged. Market capitalization approaching 50% and continues to grow. Altcoins quickly lose momentum and such growth can not boast.

5 reasons for the dominance of bitcoin

  • Institutional investors. Gradually, the bitcoin gains recognition of major investors. On the news that digital assets will be offered to institutional investors, the rate went up sharply. Giant companies also gradually emerge on the cryptocurrency market, although more recently avoided such risky investments.
  • The influence of the media. Bad advertising is also advertising. News about volatility and a record-breaking courses of bitcoin constantly warm up interest of investors. Both the negative and positive news into the hands of traders, because neither the bulls nor the bears are not asleep. Despite the collapse of prices in the beginning of 2018, the value of the assets is gradually increasing.
  • The interest of traders. A single world currency does not bring such profits as digital assets. The high volatility of bitcoin constantly attracts new traders. As this is the first cryptocurrency, she has the long and clear history for analysis. The UPS and downs of course easier to predict. Traders claim that trade becomes more predictable.
  • Scale issues with Ethereum. This cryptocurrency was considered the main competitor and offered good alternatives. However, it promises to scale the platform is still not done. Cryptocurrency hedge funds refer to scaling problems as the main reason for the reduction of the market capitalization of ETH.
  • Ripple and XRP are different things. The company Ripple offers useful technology. She has been active banking organizations around the world. That’s just on the popularity of the token XRP is not affected. In fact, XRP is a separate product with high liquidity and quick transactions, but he is not able to replace the financial system. While Ripple does not begin to use their cryptocurrency in the draft, the chances of the rapid growth of the token is very small.
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    24.05.2018: Tom Lee: “3 reasons bitcoin will rise to $25 000”

    Tom Lee Lindstroma prediction on which bitcoin rally after the conference, the Consensus did not materialize, continues to insist that by the end of the year the value of cryptocurrency will rise to $25 000. The forecast analyst with wall street underpins the three factors.

    3 reasons supporting the growth of bitcoin:

  • The cost of production and circulation of bitcoin. When the first cryptocurrency gave about $8000, in an interview with CNBC Tom Lee said that in fact, bitcoin is trading at cost. He has previously said that production costs amount to about $6000.
  • Institutional investors. Many are willing to invest and are interested in digital assets, but can not enter the market due to the uncertainty of the regulation. Tom Lee added that the recognition of bitcoin as an asset class will become a powerful impetus for the resumption of the rally.
  • Historical analysis. The company’s specialists Fundstrat Global Advisors analyzed the history of the development of bitcoin. Interesting, but for all the first borne digital currency, the profit answer only 10 days a year. Tom Lee says that the main thing is not to miss these 10 days since the rally from $8,000 to $25,000 will be very fast.
  • The current situation on the market analyst and investor explains “typical cryptocurrency volatility” and is confident that bitcoin will beat your record from last year.


    20.04.2018: XRP is ready to record. 5 reasons for a new rally course Ripple

    Recently Ripple demonstrates the highest growth dynamics. During the day, it rose by 18% and continues to conquer new peaks. Experts expect that in the near future will begin the rally for the cryptocurrency and there are 5 reasons.

    5 reasons for a new rally course Ripple

  • XRP has almost reached the level of $1. In the first quarter of this mark seemed out of reach for the token, but now XRP is trading at $0.85 and very close to restoring this important milestone. Predictions that XRP will be worth more than $5 is unlikely to materialize, but history shows that the asset can long trade at more than $2.
  • The stagnation of bitcoin. Many traders enter the crypto market, hoping to buy assets with rapidly rising costs. Not only did bitcoin a sufficiently high price, and relatively slow growth dynamics. Experts believe that the Ripple in the short term, greater potential for growth.
  • The increase in sales volumes. Altcoins now close to overbought. The analysis shows that higher volatility and high sales is a good sign. You should expect intensive growth rate and the break of the current resistance lines. Interestingly, cryptocurrency exchanges also keep their savings not only in bitcoins. In the report of the largest Bithumb says that the accounts are stored $1.6 billion in XRP and only $1 billion in BTC.
  • History repeats itself. After analyzing last year’s stock market charts, the experts noted that there is always a period when the interest in bitcoin is replaced by altcoins. If the XRP will be a $1, investors will definitely win since they bought most of Aldon below the support line.
  • Bitcoin will not become a single currency. Despite the talk about the fact that bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency with all necessary functions, it is unlikely to happen. The developers of Ripple have relied on the development of technology and cooperation with the banking system. They doubt very much that financial institutions dare to use a currency with such high volatility like bitcoin.
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