The release of the Litecoin Core 0.16.2


The Litecoin Core developers introduced a new version of software of the network “digital silver”.

It’s here, @litecoincore 0.16.2 has been publicly released! 🎉 #Litecoin//

— Litecoin.Com (@LitecoinDotCom) 8 Sep 2018

The report said that the newer version 0.15 was changed database format, the transition of node (v0.8 — v0.15) which occurs within half an hour. However, using version 0.7 and older nodes can’t automatically updated to version 0.15+, as operators need to re-load the entire blockchain.

We will note, was created after v0.16 wallets not compatible with older versions of the software.

The new version also abolished the option of specifying the block size for miners “-blockmaxsize”; in return, the developers offered the option “-blockmaxweight”.

We add that the release is compatible with operating systems macOS 10.8+, Widnows Vista and later (except Windows XP), Linux Kernel.

It is noteworthy that the client can work with operating systems of Unix, but the developers stressed that the test were carried out irregularly.

We will remind, the code is Segregated Witness has been implemented in Litecoin Core 0.13.2.

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