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The blockchain the Blockchain I Capital LTD Capital Ltd

At the end of September Blockchain Capital organized a massive meeting in the capital of Russia, she was devoted to index investing in digital assets. In the framework of this event took place informing all the participants about the features of the token Blockchain Capital and their benefits as an investment. Judging by the interest in the this area of investment has left no one indifferent, today we will give a brief report on the results of the meeting.


This event was held on September 27 in Moscow at Deworkacy (Red October). From the Blockchain Capital the role of the speakers of the examples:

  • Khusnullin Zinnat Director of the company. His speech was devoted to investing in the crypt as a whole, what prospects it opens up for investors;

  • Khusnullin Arthur, Executive Director of Blockchain Capital. Pay attention to the strategy of index investing in cryptocurrencies;
  • Evgeny Arkhipov – the company responsible for work on information technology. In his speech, he talked about how smart contracts can change a person’s life in the future, but the Blockchain Capital is a financial industry, the creators knowingly call the company’s first digital Bank.

The meeting was international. Among guests were listed foreign partners Blockchain Capital. So, it protruding into English translated Regina Tahini – partner from Hungary.

Activity partners is not left unattended. In the final part of the event 6 partners, who showed their best side during the cooperation, got 6 MacBook.

The evening ended with a live entertainment and dinner, so dissatisfied was not. And if you remember how many questions, it is clear that index investing is appealing to many. The speakers just did not want to let go, falling asleep with new and new questions.

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