The results of the bitcoin conference “Baltic Honeybadger 2018” in Riga


From 22 to 23 September in Riga was the largest in Europe bitcoin conference Baltic Honeybadger 2018. This year, the conference organized by the international investment holding SDVentures, cryptocurrency exchange Hodl Hodl and coworking Space OraculeTangtwice more participants compared to the previous event. In total participation in 2018, Baltic Honeybadger took over 600 bitcoin enthusiasts from around the world.

The speakers discussed important topics of the bitcoin industry: trust, scalability, security, and the current state of the market, institutional investment, and the use of cryptocurrencies on the market.

Before the audience were such famous experts as Dr. Adam Beck – President Blockstream, one of the largest blockchain-companies in the world, Elizabeth stark – CEO and co-owner of Lightning Lab, Giacomo Zucco Director BHB NETWORK, accelerator bitcoin and blockchain projects, Peter Todd – a famous bitcoin developer, Francis Polo – head of research at Catallaxy and CEO Satoshi Portal, and many others.

Head of the Department of real estate SDVentures and CEO “OraculeTangSpace” – Natalia Krylova commented:

“We are very pleased with the result. The geography of speakers and participants has grown and we have represented almost all countries of the world. A list of the announced also at this time became even more the audience listens to speakers very enthusiastically joining in the discussions.”

In turn, head of research at Catallaxy and CEO Satoshi Portal – Francis Pullo added:

“This is one of the best conferences that I have visited. I have been to many, but to be honest I now prefer not to visit them because of the huge number of cryptomaterial that they filled. This is really important as it brought together the best. At conferences of such a serious level is a real job, supported by partnerships and create new connections that can be useful in the future for mutual support. The organizers did a great job, and next year I will again visit the Baltic Honeybadger”

In the words of Giacomo Zucco, founder and CEO BHBnetwork bitcoin enthusiasts have long needed in the event of such a high level. The organizers were able to gather a “critical mass” and the rest didn’t even have to ask they with the great pleasure joined the number of speakers. Bitcoin veterans also appreciated the ideological focus of the event – the philosophy of Bitcoins and all related topics were presented in the best way.

It should be noted that the last conference was held in Riga in the same way, and brought together participants from USA, Australia, Russia, Canada, UK, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia and other countries.

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