The Russian company has created a free platform for transactions


The Russian company has created a free platform for transactions

The Russian company “Direct farm” has created a B2B platform to record the terms of the contracts, which representatives of the agricultural sector will be free to use for deals. Developers will be expected to maintain the platform (, and power for its operation will provide Russian hosting company. Run will be held on 22 August 2018.

The platform itself will be in the form of applications that work on WSO2 Application Server. In order to use the platform will need only a browser. It is assumed that will be end-to-end application: that is, only the participants in the transaction can see the information about all its components.

The project owner Sergey Carolin says that at this point in the development of the platform has invested 10 million rubles. By 2019 in order to improve it will be spent 30 million rubles, and then at the stage of promotion and organization of its functioning it is planned to invest 60 million rubles. Sergey Carolin also says that the development platform was involved in his own capital.

At the moment will only exist in the form of a Java application, but in the near future, the developers plan to release video app for iOS and Android.

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