The Russian government plans to create a digital profile of each citizen to 2023 year


The government of Russia to 2023-year plans to create a platform of “Digital profile” with citizens from all registries and make it available to commercial companies.

It is reported that on the platform of “Digital profile” will contain all legally relevant data about each citizen, as well as information from the registers on payment of taxes, driving license, fines, and so on.

Data platform, the government plans to make available for businesses upon request. The Director of the office of the “Digital identity” of PJSC “Rostelecom”, which, together with the Ministry of communications, the Bank of Russia and Analytical center for the government will develop the platform, said:

“While we are talking only about commercial banks, which may require additional information about the person when he wants to take credit. In the future, the list of organizations that open access will be expanded”.

Last week the head of the Supervisory Council of the Institute of Economics of growth they. P. A. Stolypin and the business Ombudsman Boris Titov has estimated that “forced digitalization” has cost the business in the 80 billion rubles for the last 2 years, insisting that the state program does not take into account the views and interests of the business. Also in late August, the Finance Ministry has cut the budget for digitalization of the economy tripled, focusing on the involvement of big business.

In August, we reported that draft amendments to the law “On personal data” also gives the business a new law in the treatment of personal data, including making possible their transfer to third parties without notifying the person.

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