The SEC has created a “strategic hub” for the regulation of DLT and digital assets


The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a strategic hub for innovation and financial technologies (FinHub).

FinHub will work under the guidance of Valerie A. Sepanik, senior adviser to the SEC on digital assets and innovation and the Director of the SEC division of corporate Finance.

The purpose of the hub is in the in-depth study of the industry of distributed registers and digital assets, as well as the establishment of interaction between the regulator and cryptocurrency companies and developers. It is reported that FinHub will also assume some of the tasks to existing working groups SEC is working to find ways of regulating the industry of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

FinHub will create a portal for the crypto community, which will be implemented by direct interaction of participants of the market of digital technology with the staff of the SEC, to publish relevant information on the activities of the SEC and to build the relationship between regulatory bodies around the world. Hub also plans to organize a forum on DLT and digital assets in 2019.

“The SEC is committed to working cooperatively with investors and market participants digital assets, which will focus on the development of the industry, and in no way at its limit,” said Valerie Sepanik.

We will remind, recently chief accountant of the SEC announced that companies are required to adhere to accounting rules, working with bloccano and digital assets, therefore, to add digital assets to buharkent. A month earlier, the chief accountant of the SEC also warned companies participating in primary offerings of coins (ICO), about the need to remember their commitments on financial statements.

Also in September, the Commission, the SEC temporarily suspended trading of the exchange’s bitcoin notes (ETN) — Bitcoin Tracker One.

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