The SEC will reconsider decisions on the bitcoin ETF


The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) intends to revise earlier decisions on nine of the bitcoin ETF, each of which was a failure.

This was written by the SEC Secretary Brent fields in the letter to the senior Advisor to NYSE Group David di Gregorio.

“We hereby want to inform you that, pursuant to Rule 43 of I Procedural the Commission (17 CFR .43 20 I 1), the Commission will review the delegated activities. In accordance with Rule 431 (e), decision of 22 August shall remain in force until until the Commission decides otherwise.”

Representatives of the Chicago Board exchange CBOE also stated that he had received a similar letter. This means that their application, consideration of which was postponed to September, will be revised early.

The representative of the Commission Hester pierce explained in his Twitter, what caused this behavior SEC.

“To be clear, the Commission (President and commissioners special) delegate some tasks to employees. When employees in such cases to make decisions, they act on behalf of the Commission. The Commission may examine the actions of employees, and it will be so in this case”.

Recall that the SEC still either rejected or transferred all applications for opening a bitcoin ETF. In connection with the transfer of applications from the CBOE, which pinned most hopes, the cryptocurrency market have plunged into another depression: everyone was waiting for the approval of the ETF and the subsequent explosive growth of quotations.

The market reacted positively to this news: bitcoin topped $6500, and the total capitalization rose to $211 billion.

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