The Senate approved the new Commissioner of the SEC


The Senate approved the new Commissioner of the SEC

A protege of the President trump Led Roizman became the new Commissioner at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Say, with the inclusion of Roizman to the Commission the chances of approval bitcoin ETF is significantly greater.

So, the Senate confirmed Roizman as a Commissioner of the SEC. Led a Republican. In the Commission it will replace another Republican Michael Brewer, who left the Commission in July.

Now the SEC is fully equipped (it consists of a Chairman and four commissioners). The Democrat Kara Stein will soon leave SEC: the period of validity of its powers expired last year, so it will remain in the maximum Fee until Dec.

Until the appointment of a new Commissioner (rumored to be the post meant Democrat Alison Lee, who previously worked with Stein) to the Commission will have a Republican majority, which, again according to rumors, could count on the support of non-partisan Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton.

It is worth Recalling that Roizman has been unanimously approved by the Senate Banking Committee because it is serious to reform the system of assessment of investment projects. Given the fact that Hester pierce (also a Republican) is a supporter of the approval of the bitcoin ETF, looming before us certain perspectives.

Blockchain enthusiast John Galt believes that after the departure of Stein against crypto-ETF on the Commission can vote only Democrat Robert Jackson. It turns out three to one. So, says John, the chances of approval of bitcoin funds is very high.

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