The services of cloud mining in 2018


The services of cloud mining in 2018

At the end of last year was ranked cloud enterprise 2017. In that period of time the stock market was on the rise, record growth Hasrat bitcoin was just beginning, and all the projects on the list were paid in accordance with contracts. That was then known.

There is a saying “As the New Year meet, so spend it”. Either 1 January or Christmas morning gave a recovery of bitcoin to a historic high. On the contrary, already in February, the accumulation of negative factors has meant that mining in the old asiah began to yield loss, and to Jul profitability has not increased. In this situation, the services of cloud mining was in a difficult position – they had not only to perform the duties of prisoners with clients of contracts, but also to maintain profitability for themselves. As projects came out of a steep dive, look on.

Genesis mining

The service has reduced the minimum payout. Minimal Genesis Mining is 50,000 Satoshi, which is 6 times less in comparison with the previous threshold of conclusion. The contract power of 20 Th/s gives 8 000 Satoshi a day. Genesis Mining profitability is 400 Satoshi with just one teruhisa. One Th/s on SHA-256 will come out to $285 for a period of 5 years. Genesis Mining ROI for mining bitcoin is almost 1300 days.

In order to stay afloat, the company has implemented in its mining development called GM Radiant ? the system is efficient cryptocurrency mining. GM Radiant is a complex of works on optimization of mining:

  • Optimization of the data center.
  • One of the most suitable places for mining in Europe – Iceland, where the relatively low cost of electricity.
  • The supply chain optimisation equipment.
  • Improvement of the cooling system. Automatically controlled temperature control system and more efficient management of the flow of air to significantly reduce electricity costs. The datacenter is designed in such a way that thermodynamics did their job, thereby reducing cooling costs.
  • Genesis, Hive, which manages the miners so that the only human intervention is to replace obsolete or damaged equipment.

The result of the work GM is expressed in Radiant of the Commission Genesis Mining ? $0,000029 a day.

Hashing 24

Project calculates payouts for the contracts, although the Commission on equipment maintenance exceeds profit. Hashing 24 pays and charges for electricity from the accounts of the users. It turns out that the equipment is unprofitable, mining continues, the fee charged of $0.00017 per GH/s per day. The situation is unpleasant, but fair. Disable the withdrawal of funds from an account is possible, but it will lead to the nullification of the contracts. The service pays its customers the Satoshi, which are extracted in unprofitable equipment.

Call Volume 24 Scam can be, because its obligations to the clients project performs. What happens to Volume 24, to fix the situation and bring customers in plus? Learn about this nowhere on the official website there is no information, forum cloud hashing Hashing 24 is also missing.

By eobot

The project pays. One teraherz SHA-256 can be rented for $130. This contract will give 1000 Satoshi a day. Payback by eobot will be more than 1600 days.

In the time of troubles, the bot is stable cryptocurrency paid according to the contracts, although the Commission still has grown steadily from 36% in April to 78% in July. For 2018 was added cryptocurrency Cardano and EOS. Of course, mine these coins, as they do not work on the PoW algorithm, but you can get them in the hands on the taps, which is not on other services. Thus by eobot diversifitsirovat risks in terms of loss of mining.


Apart in the ranking of cloud mining 2018 is to provide NiceHash. This service is very diverse, and one of its sides is the possibility of renting equipment for mining. Cloud mining nishes differs from the standard of services in several aspects:

  • Instead, the contract uses a warrant, such stock.
  • The order is adjustable. The ability to change the prices or set limits on the warrant.
  • The choice of any pool.
  • The choice of the type of mining: a fixed or standard (dynamic).

We should also highlight the real flexibility in managing orders on time intervals. To rent asik or video card can be an hour, two, a day or a month – any time period depending on the leased capacity.

NiceHash really allows you to control the processing power, not to the appearance of work. For the duration of the order, astami or graphics can be manipulated as well as their own farm. Nishes allows even mine in solo, and regulation orders will not allow the equipment to operate at a loss. Caught unit – sold order. The Commission NiceHash for the purchase order is 0.0001 BTC + 3% of the amount for which he purchased a warrant.

Niches is the market leader kriptomayning. The proof is a calculation whattomine, which are almost always output the service on the first positions of profitability for any outfit. Since the return after the theft of funds service is the best cloud mining. NiceHash is not Scam, because at the moment already recovered 55% of the stolen funds.

BitMiner – Scam

The website not paying, and those transactions that appear on the website ? fake. To check enough to take any purse, which held the fake payments, and to enter your personal account of another user!

OxBTC Scam

For example OxBTC can be considered a fraudulent scheme which works on several sites that advertise each other:

  • Blog of Vladimir Belov, advertise website for hashing in the cloud.
  • The website with the “cloud mining” is forcing to buy VDS server. In the first stage, costs are to “lease” mining farms.
  • The site that you want to buy VDS server for the farm.
  • To recognize the Scam can be on the same hosting all resources registered within a couple of days for a single person.

Blog Belova used such disturbing phrases as “Cloud mining without investing 2018” that make competent investors to block a site.

Hashcoins datacenter

About this project there is a separate article. It should be noted that on 28 July contracts hashcoins datacenter on SHA-256 has resumed payments of Satos, but was a mandatory verification.

General opinion about cloud mining 2018

Don’t forget that cloud mining is a strange business. All projects in this area involve a risk of loss of funds and time, it shows that to recognize a dubious services is becoming increasingly difficult. Earn even on their own mining farm is not so easy, easier already to buy cryptocurrency. So why waste money, time and nerves?

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