The Silk Road will present a documentary about blockchain technology


Tomorrow in new York will premiere a new documentary film on the blockchain technology. Among the heroes of the tape: investor Tim Draper, co-founder of Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin. The film was made by Alex winter, who previously released a picture of the music service Napster and darkweb site Silk Road.

Once Alex winter was noted by critics and audiences for his role in the movie “the Incredible adventures of bill and Ted”, released in 1989 (in 1991, saw the light of a successful sequel). However, in the last decade, he became known as a documentary filmmaker.

So, in 2013 came the film “Downloaded”, dedicated to the music service Napster. Two years later appeared in theaters tape “Deep web” — the criminal case against Ross Ulbricht, the administrator darkweb-marketplace Silk Road.

Now winter is planning to release the film “the Machine trust: the history of the blockchain” (Trust the Machine: The Story of the Blockchain).

“The formula that I used in all three films is first and foremost a focus on personalities,” he said in an interview with Breaker. “I’m not interested in making movies, which will be 8-minute infographic about the technology of the decentralized registry. For this is Google,” he said.

Among the heroes of his film about the blockchain venture investor Tim Draper, an expert Vinay Gupta, singer Imogen heap, co-founder of Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin, a hacker and activist Laurie Love, as well as blockchain-journalist Laura Shin.

In an interview with Alex winter said he is well aware of the DLT, as a few years ago I read a “white paper” Bitcoin. Winter also said that he was not interested to make a separate film about the cryptocurrency, although it follows basic coins and “with pleasure” reads about their news and articles. According to him, during the production of films about the Silk Road, winter managed to take in the subject of crypto-currencies and recorded an interview with Gavin Indrasena and representatives of the crypto currency exchange Coinbase.

For producing the film “Car of trust: the history of the blockchain” took the company SingularDTV and Futurism. The premiere will take place on October 26 in new York and on November 16 in Los Angeles. Next year the film will be available on the platform SingularDTV.

Note, in early October, YouTube-channel publication BitNovosti out the full version of the documentary “Government vs Bitcoin”.

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