The South Korean government sees the Blockchain technology as part of the “Fourth industrial revolution”




The Ministry of science South Korea will contribute to the training of Blockchain technology in an effort to prepare young people to what she calls the “Fourth industrial revolution”. Blockchain technology is included in courses that were recently announced by the Ministry of science and ICT.

The Ministry of science and ICT said that the country is facing a global transformation called “Fourth industrial revolution”. According to information from the web site, there is a focus to support innovation in society by creating an environment that promotes Autonomous research and promotes technology growth.

Industry A Blockchain

Industrial-developing industry, referenced by the Ministry, including blackchin, artificial intelligence, cloud storage, virtual reality, Autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Ministry announced the development of the 40 courses that cover these thematic areas. According to the Ministry, the courses will help to improve the employability of young people.

“Although the problem of youth employment arises as a social problem, a problem of inconsistency in work is serious”, — said Yang-Kyung-Won, member, policy software of the Ministry of trade, industry and energy. According to him, the Ministry will promote the talents that meet the visions of companies, thereby creating new opportunities for young people looking for work and creating jobs.

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