The study: the results of the activities of TOP-5 Russian ICO projects, after raising funds


Edition VC has published a summary report on the Russian ICO-projects work for a year after the fundraiser on tokencache. It’s pretty sad, but not hopeless.

In 2017, Russian ICO-projects were able to collect about $200 million Since a year has passed and it is time to evaluate the results of the work “domestic producers”.

MobileGo. The project has attracted $53 million.

ICO took place in April-may of 2017. Released 100 million tokens MGO, of which 70 million were sold at ICO. Leaders — Sergei and Maxim Sholom.
MobileGo team has developed a platform for mobile games based on the blockchain and smart contracts with the ability to carry out decentralized multiplayer tournaments. Owners MobileGo promised to give the right to participate in peer-to-peer game, as well as to organize their own decentralized slot tournaments and earn thanks to technology, smart contracts, Ethereum.
Almost nothing stated in the road map is not done, because after crowdsee the team was split. The platform in fact is not working. Where are collected in ICO $ 53 million — is not clear, as the leadership refused to be accountable for the use of the funds from the ICO.

The bottom line: Made for less than 10% of the declared. The largest Russian ICO-project 2017 was a complete failure.

Russian Mining Center (RMC). The project has attracted $43 million.

ICO took place in August-September of 2017. At the head of the project is the Russian Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev and its partners — Sergei Bobylev and Boris Zyryanov.
The company planned to release its own equipment for mynrma, to engage themselves in mining, and conduct research for the development of a new generation of miners Multiclet. For tokens RMC company allows you to purchase their miners Sunrise. To develop a new miner that can reduce electricity consumption up to 220 times, allocated 10% of the collected money on ICO.
The project is working, investors await the release of the miner Multiclet. Participants will be charged interest, but after payment of the reward investors need to send payment for electricity, the cost of electricity corresponds to the size of the reward, and sometimes even exceeds it. Promised in July 2018 exchange token at RMC miner Multiclet has not happened yet.

Summary: is about 80% of the declared, but due to the increasing difficulty of mining and the depreciation of the major cryptocurrency project has not yet yielded investors a substantial profit.

SONM. The project has attracted $42 million.

ICO was held from 15 to 18 June 2017. The founders of the platform — Alexey Antonov and Sergey Ponomarev.
The project is developing a platform of “nebulous” calculations on the blockchain of Ethereum, whose power can be used to solve practical problems. To buy computing power in the network SONM used tokens SNM and ETH. On the platform, consumers and providers may rent each other’s computing power within the blockchain of the marketplace.
Now the developers have completed everything that was planned up until June 2018. The main achievement of the team believes the launch of the production version of the product — a decentralized platform fog computing is less than a year since ICO. The platform launched on 30 July 2018.

Summary: made about 90% of the declared in the roadmap. The project develops, the product is, although his team is still finalizing.

Blackmoon Crypto. The project attracted $30 million

ICO took place in August-September of 2017. The project belongs to Ilya Perekopsky, a former Vice-President of “Vkontakte”.
Blackmoon Crypto service that allows investors access to investment funds: how Vietnam and cryptocurrency. Project essence is simple: after registration and account verification, the user can invest in projects presented on the platform. All funds operating on the platform Blackmoon Crypto, must pay a fee, which is distributed to the holders of the tokens of the Navy.

Summary: the project develops and fulfills stated program to 90-100%. The owners of the tokens of the Navy have been unable to get income from their sales, because tokens are below the price on ICO, but I can try to make money on the platform Blackmoon through access to investment funds.

Universa. The project has attracted $28.5 million

ICO started in October 2017 and until January 2018. The project’s Creator — business-angel Alexander Borodich.
Universa was planned as a blockchain of a new generation of much faster and cheaper existing blockchains. The platform was developed for the needs of real business.
In March 2018 sparked an internal conflict between the founder of Universa Alexander Borodzicz and former community Manager. In the summer of 2018, the conflict has been continued in the legal plane. Alexander Borodich filed a lawsuit accusing a former colleague of the damage to the business reputation of the project.

Summary: Made: less than 50% of the declared in the roadmap. The project is at stage 4 of development, but lags significantly behind plan.

General conclusion: draft 3 of the TOP 5 have a working product version: RMC, SONM and BlackmoonCrypto. They are developing according to plan and comply with stated in the road map to 80-100%. From the investment point of view, they can not boast of high returns. 2 project from the TOP 5 was a disaster and virtually ended its existence due to internal conflicts among the organizers.

We will remind, recently the analytical part of the crypto currency exchange BitMEX has announced that 85% fall in the price of ETH does not have any negative impact on the success of the ICO projects, as they already sold the cryptocurrency for the amount invested in those funds and earned 830 million dollars.

The analysis of the market ICO conducted by Diar, suggests that the rate of 70% of the token-ICO fell below their prices during tocancel.

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