The Supreme court of India directed the government to determine the position on cryptocurrencies


The Supreme court of India ordered the government to clarify the position regarding the legal status of the cryptocurrency, after consideration of the petition from one of the community activists. Previously, the government forbade banks to operate with cryptomerias, which many of them were forced to close.

The Supreme court of India ordered the government to release an official affidavit after consideration of the petition of the lawyer of Bomika Dvaipayana, who demanded from the authorities to decide whether cryptocurrency is legalized or completely banned.

Affidavit in Anglo-Saxon law is an affidavit or Declaration of a person acting as a witness at the trial, which is given under oath. The document is submitted to the court, which shall consider the facts.

“Today, our petition reached the Supreme court. After considering the arguments, the judges asked for a counter affidavit from the government within two weeks. It should prepare the state Committee for cryptocurrency, the document must contain a clear position on cryptocurrencies,” — said the local edition Bomik Crypto-News India.

In addition to Boomika, in recent months, similar petitions are spreading, and other activists. In the spring, India’s Central Bank banned financial institutions of the country to cooperate with exchanges scriptaction. In response, many exchanges have published a petition against the decision. In September the Central Bank issued an affidavit in which he stated that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, are not legal means of payment and cannot be used for payments.

Earlier today Debjani Ghosh, President of the Indian National Association of software and service companies (NASSCOM), said that the illegal status of cryptocurrency in the country associated with the inability of authorities to “keep up with the times.”


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