The Tether rate fell to a record low. Bitcoin has risen to $6965


The cost of the token is tied to the US dollar, fell to $0,92. At the same time, the total market capitalization of digital money has risen to $16 billion, and the price of the first cryptocurrency reached a month high

On Monday morning, October 15, the average market price of bitcoin in two hours has increased to almost $650 — from $6,300 to a monthly high of $6965, and then began to decline. Now the cryptocurrency is trading at $6834, during the day, its rate increased 7.9%. During this same time Ethereum rose by 7.5%, same as Ripple. Total market capitalization rose to $16 billion to $216 billion.

A sharp increase in the cost of digital money happened at the same time, as the value of the token Tether, which is pegged to the US dollar sank to record lows — to $0,92. Last time it was this low in April 2017.

The cost Aldona decreased after major exchange KuCoin announced the suspension of deposits and withdrawal USDT due to system maintenance. At the moment they are available again and the price of the cryptocurrency is slowly returning to the old values, now it is $0,96.

Also, the network appeared information about the fact that the exchange holds Binance delisting USDT, however, the screenshot that proved it was a fake. Informed “RBC-Crypto” wrote about the fact that the Tether had problems with financing, because the Puerto Rican Bank, Noble Bank, which services the account, is under threat of closure.

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