The U.S. Congress will consider three draft laws on regulation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency


Member of the U.S. house of representatives Tom Emmer plans to submit to Congress three new draft laws aimed at maintaining the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Three upcoming bill entitled: “Resolution support for digital currencies and blockchain technology,” “Act of legal certainty the regulation of the blockchain”, and “Safe Harbor for taxpayers with digital assets post-fork”.

The focus of the new draft laws is given to support and development of blockchain technology, as well as creating a safe environment for taxpayers, with a “pornotype” digital assets.

According to Emmer, “taxpayers will be able to comply with the law only when it is transparent and clear to citizens.” The representative further commented on the initiative:

“The United States should give priority to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and create conditions that will enable the American private sector to use innovations and promote further growth, so I imagine these bills.”

It should be noted that Emmer also holds the position of co-chair of the faction of MPs supporting technology of distributed registries. The faction believes in a practical approach to the regulation of cryptocurrencies, allowing the technology to evolve exactly the same way as the Internet on its own.

Recall that the financial services Committee of the U.S. Congress considers cryptocurrency “inefficient form of money”, which can only be used by terrorists.

Previously, we reported that for the first time in the history of the US Congressman predsedatel of the legal Committee of the U.S. house of Representatives, in the framework of changing disclosure rules, announced in August, data about their cryptocurrency assets.


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