The U.S. military equips the communication devices that are attached to the teeth


The U.S. military equips the communication devices that are attached to the teeth

The Pentagon has signed a contract for $10 million with Sonitus Technologies for the production of military communication equipment, which is attached to the rear teeth.

In a small device Molar Mic built-in microphone and speaker, which transmits sound through the bone directly to the auditory nerves. The signal is transmitted and received with a small radio transmitter, which is located on the neck like military dog tags. The principle of its operation is similar to the radio, but allows the bearer to completely hide the presence of the device.

To adapt to a new way of communicating will take several weeks, and eventually the man even improves the ability to perceive information in this way. The transmitter encrypts the signal, and waterproof. Representatives of the developer claimed that this project was financed by the CIA, but refused to comment on its use by the secret service.

One of the main advantages of the military is the possibility of communicating under conditions of strong ambient noise. Molar Mic were tested for 14 months and significantly improved. In Sonitus Technologies are planning to add new features that will enable offline to transmit command data relating to the feelings, the reactions and injuries of soldiers.

Recently, scientists of the Samara state University in collaboration with the team of the University of Missouri have developed an algorithm that allows to increase the data transfer rate of up to 50%.

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