The U.S. Navy will use the blockchain for the supply chain


The command of the naval forces of the United States is exploring the potential of blockchain technology to track details of military aircraft and weapons.

Command of aviation systems of the U.S. Navy (NAVAIR), dedicated to equipping aircraft fleet and air-launched weapons, said in a press release from 21st September to the beginning of the study, whether the blockchain system to more effectively track the life cycle of parts in comparison with the currently used methods:

“Information about the origin and history of critical aviation parts is an expensive process which has a significant impact on the expense line of the Navy”

To replace manual processes on paper for advanced computerized system in a closed blockchain network, a Command entered into a partnership agreement with the company in Indiana ITAMCO designed for use in conjunction with DARPA platform blockchain-as-a-service – SIMBA Chain.

Together with ITAMCO Command NAVAIR intends to create a concept of the blockchain for the supply chain that would combine full traceability of parts and data storage security, paying attention to the ability of network protocols SIMBA to handle “safely and quickly large amounts of data”. This, this blockchain will require significantly less computing power than, for example, the Bitcoin network.

According to a press release, special attention in the study of the applicability of the technology will be paid to potential risks in cybersecurity:

“Together with experts at an early stage in the development of a possible architecture…command will be able to better assess the risks and benefits of distributed systems”

Now examples of application of blockchain technologies appear in all areas of the military sector of: system identification, calculation of the path of firing to supply chain management. Previously, we reported that the defense Ministry has begun work on the implementation of blockchain technology.

Also in June last year, the innovative laboratory of the U.S. Navy has successfully tested blockchain development, designed to enhance the security of 3D printing systems for the military sector.

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