The U.S. stock market fell because of the risk of escalation of trade war with China


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Stock markets in the United States and Asia fell on the news about the risk of escalation of trade war between America and China

Stock indexes in Asia fell sharply at the close of trading because of the news about the intention of the administration of Donald trump to impose additional duties on goods from China. Bloomberg reported that trump is going to impose import duties the entire flow of goods from China, if negotiations between him and the leader of China XI Jinping during the meeting of “Big twenty” scheduled for the end of November, will not bring results. The volume of additional imports on which duties would be introduced, in this case will exceed $ 250 billion. In the U.S. market this day marked one of the largest volatility spikes since the beginning of the year. The fall was led by the Nasdaq (INDEX: SPX).

The Finance Ministry will raise the tax on luxury houses, apartments and yachts

The head of Department Anton Siluanov said that the Finance Ministry plans to raise taxes on luxury property: “We often say, let’s raise taxes on the rich, and eventually we’ll do is raise taxes on luxury property, cars, yachts, apartments, and so forth.” At the same time, Siluanov rejected the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation is a flat 13% for all citizens: “We know that the rich people are clever and will find ways to circumvent this decision, including can generally withdraw money from our country.”

Top managers of Warren Buffett invested $600 million in FINTECH

Berkshire Hathaway, previously dealing only with investments in the so-called blue chips, interested in FINTECH-companies from Brazil and India. Reportedly, the top managers of Berkshire’s Todd Combs and Ted Wechsler has invested about $ 600 million of investment in projects of this region. Part of the funds received from payment service Brazil StoneCo Ltd. the other Indian payment blockchain startup Paytm. Professor, School of business Robert Smith of the University of Maryland and Berkshire shareholder David Cass noted that Combs and Wechsler “enhance the prospects of Berkshire and expand opportunities for investors” because to ignore the pace of development Finance is no longer possible. Otherwise, according to cash, the company risks losing market position.

Bittrex launches international platform

On Bittrex International will be upgraded the listing of the tokens, and added advanced options for skilled users from different countries. Access to trading on Bittrex International will receive all current users with the exception of clients of the U.S. division. While the international site is running in test mode. Preparing for the listing of the International assets Bittrex will have to meet set company standards for new tokens, which include criteria such as “authenticity, innovation and quality”.

The course of bitcoin Oyster Pearl collapsed by 60%

It happened because of the actions of the new Manager. As reported by the project team Oyster Protocol in the smart contract of cryptocurrency there are no bugs, but the powers of the managing had to be open to configure them to bind. Yesterday morning they were transferred to the attacker with the original Ethereum addresses, which is controlled personally by CEO Bruno Block. The new Manager had the opportunity to produce 3 million new tokens PRL. On Reddit it is explained that the attacker opened in a smart contract function ICO-sale and thus was able to buy a large quantity of coins PRL at a lower price. Making the money he received 5 thousand tokens of the project for each unit of air, and then brought the PRL on the stock exchange KuCoin and destroyed them. Trades PRL and the second token of the project Oyster Shell (SHL) on the stock exchange KuCoin now frozen.

New Vice President of product development Ripple was the ex-Google employee

According to the Amir of Sarangi on LinkedIn, he joined Ripple after left the position of Director of product in Google. There he led the development of solutions for the text messaging Protocol on the basis of Rich Communication Services. Prior to that, Amir of Sarhangi worked in Vodafone and Deloitte, and then founded a startup Jibe Mobile, which in 2015 was acquired by Google. By the beginning of Sarhangi will continue to develop global payment network RippleNet that aims to make payments between financial institutions quickly and efficiently.

At 10:30 GMT, the total capitalization of the market of cryptocurrency is 203 billion dollars. Trading volume for 24 hours was 12 billion dollars.

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) for the last day fell by 1.98% to $6351,21.
  • The ether (ETH/USD) fell by 3.43% to $197,53.
  • Ripple (XRP/USD) fell 3.01% to $0,445.
  • Cash Bitcoin (Bitcoin.Cash) fell by 4.73% to $418,15.
  • EOS (EOS/USD) fell by 4.36% to $5,16.

The best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies showed Dentacoin (+8,95%)

Current ICO

  • Cryptyk

The expected ICO

  • 31 Oct 4ARTechnologies
  • 1 Nov Quidli
  • November 15, Vidion

The full list of ongoing and anticipated ICO you can see the link.

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