The us court has appointed an arrested hacker is a Deposit of bitcoin


The us court has appointed an arrested hacker is a Deposit of bitcoin

If you believe the forensics many criminals on crime is pushing not only greed, but vanity. Who does not dream to leave a mark in history? However, it is unlikely another hacker who epitomizes the success of American investigative agencies, have dreamed of such glory.

The owner of Serbian and Italian passports Martin Marcich, resident in Udine, Italy, not too similar to the criminal of the century — neither the ingenuity nor the magnitude of their criminal plan.

According to the FBI, the intruder penetrated the computer network of the American gaming company through illegal having access to 25 thousand accounts, allowing users to buy various items in a computer game.

Having access to these accounts, Marcich, according to the investigation, used them to buy a certain amount of play money, which are then resold on the black market online. Upon discovering the security breach, the company was forced to immediately freeze the compromised accounts, resulting in losses of $324 thousand

Long arm of the law caught up with the Marcich at the International airport in San Francisco on 8 August and, the next day the thief game money brought to trial. The law stipulates punishment for crimes committed by Marcich, in the form of 5 years imprisonment, a fine of $250 thousand and the compensation of damages, if any, will be able to prove in court.

Here there was a historical turn in the case. Judge Corley, who conducted the preliminary hearing decided to release the Marcich from custody on bail of the equivalent of $750 thousand, “with bitcoin or another cryptocurrency”.

Prosecutors in General are not too surprised at this decision on the pledge. As explained by the assistant district attorney Abraham Simmons, perhaps this was the first case of a Deposit in bitcoin, but it may well be that this has happened before, just the previous occasions have not received publicity.

“The concept of collateral interpreted quite broadly. The judge may appoint any kind of collateral, he explained. — The meaning of bail is to ensure the re-appearance of the accused in court. If the price of the cryptocurrency during this time will significantly change, either party may ask to review the Deposit”.

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