The us military will use big data to combat opponents


The us military will use big data to combat opponents

Big data can be used as a weapon. This statement was made by representatives of the U.S. army.

So, General John E. Xetna, occupying the post of head of strategic command of the United States drew attention to the role of information awareness and intelligence in military Affairs in the framework of the world conference on reconnaissance information system of the Ministry of defense 13 August 2018 in Omaha, Nebraska.

In his speech he noted: “If we have no intelligence, opportunities are largely confined. And when we talk about the potential of the strategic command, especially on nuclear and space if we do not have the right information in the right place at the right time, then potential opponents can win, and we can stay one step behind.”

It turns out that the speed of technological progress and warring achieve forced strategic command to change military methods of escalation of the conflict in favor of information. Using big data to carry out effective analysis of information and use it against an opponent.

According to General Raymond Thomas, the development of social networks and other Internet possibilities of exchange of information significantly increased the amount of publicly available information. This can lead to a change in paradigm of how analysts and scouts do their job. It is not necessary to focus on secret data. No secret information is more significant. For these purposes, in the future the US army will use the opportunities of big data.

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