The volume of American exchanges significantly declined


Edition Diar conducted a study of the volumes of the cryptocurrency exchanges and concluded that during a protracted market decline, the U.S. markets weakened considerably on this indicator, and foreign platform on the contrary increase.

Among the American sites, whose volumes fell significantly, analysts say Coinbase, Bitstamp and Kraken. Growth was also seen in these exchanges, as Binance and OKEx.

The greatest losses Coinbase: trading volumes in the pair with the U.S. dollar since January has fallen by 83%. Bitstamp showed a similar result, losing 73%. It should be noted that these two exchanges, the volumes fell evenly, starting from January, each month was less successful. As for the Kraken, trading volumes grew from January through March, then fell uniformly until June. In July, the volume increased, though insignificantly.

Analysts also noted that the volatility of bitcoin has fallen to minimum for last 14 months. In addition, they stated that from September 2017 bitcoin was 87% less to be used as a means of payment outlets and shops.

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