The Wall Street Journal has created its own cryptocurrency. And immediately destroyed


The Wall Street Journal has created its own cryptocurrency. And immediately destroyed

In order to understand how it works, WSJ created and then immediately destroyed his own cryptocurrency. But the creation of the WSJ Coin will remain in our memory for a long time: on this occasion we rented a mini-documentary that presented today, October 3, 2018.

WSJ Coin was designed for use in the journalism industry. The Wall Street Journal released two units of a digital asset and another 150 physical WSJ Coin distributed among the participants of the annual technology conference D. Live in Hong Kong.

Speaking at the conference, Director General of the service BitPesa Elizabeth Rossiello and former CTO of Ripple’s Stefan Thomas spoke in support of this concept. Cryptocurrency created for the publishing business, huge potential, they said.

“If you reduce the cost of transaction, you change the entire economy,” explained Thomas, adding that now there is no way to pay for reading the same online news.

WSJ Coin created Elizabeth Rossiello and Japanese developer Makoto the Takemi. For the issue of asset used blockchain Iroha, created on the basis of Hyperledger. These coins, the developers have paid for two Beers.

The developers had planned to issue the token in the amount of 8.4 billion pieces, nail Lipschitz, head in the WSJ of ethics, were asked to stop work on the project.

“Cryptocurrency is not our business, he said. — Our business is to acquaint readers with the events in this area as we introduce them to the news on the market of banking services. But we do not open a private Bank. We won’t launch its own cryptocurrency”.

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